Junior Dynamics 365 Consultant & .NET Developer

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Ready to swim with the tech tides of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps? Eager to code and create while riding the currents of a startup adventure? Look no further – Sparkfish has cast its net for someone just like you!
At Sparkfish, we're not your average workplace – we're a school of passionate tech fish, united by our love for CRM, and PowerApps.Our mission? To make waves in customer and employee engagement, and we're inviting you to ride the swell with us. From a tiny guppy to a fierce shark, we're poised to deliver bespoke solutions that'll have our clients hooked. Are you ready to take the bait?

Your Role: Navigating the Currents:

You'll be diving into Microsoft Dynamics 365* waters, exploring the depths of C#, Azure, React, and PowerApps. *If you’re an ERP blobfish, keep on swimming, unless you want to migrate to the fun CRM part of the ocean.
Work alongside our Sparkfish pod of project managers, developers, and analysts to ensure our projects sail smoothly.
As a guiding light, you'll provide first-rate support to our clients and play a vital role in every stage of application development, from the initial blueprint to the final launch.
Your keen eye will also help navigate the tech waters by steering through the first technical testing cycle.

The Traits We Seek: Deep-Sea Qualities:

If you're filled with curiosity, a passion for sharing, and adaptability like a chameleon fish, you're what we're casting our net for.
You're comfortable swimming in the seas of Web & Database technologies, synchronization techniques, communication protocols, and even the mysterious world of DevOps and security.
Previous encounters with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps realm (C#, Javascript, HTML/CSS, etc.) and Azure are a bonus.
Your customer-focused mindset means you're always on the hunt for the perfect solution, and your language skills include fluent Dutch and English.

Why Sparkfish is the Catch of the Day:

Jump into our innovative ocean, where you're free to explore the depths of your talents and passions.
Get a taste of startup culture and contribute to our ever-growing school of satisfied clients.
Forge bonds with fellow fish that go beyond the cubicle – at Sparkfish, we're more like a tight-knit shoal.
Make your work fit your current – choose from cozy spots in Antwerp, Hasselt, or even the virtual waters of telecommuting, all while snacking and sipping on coffee to fight off afternoon doldrums.
Reel in a competitive salary package, complete with a school of benefits like group insurance, a trusty company seahorse (car), a laptop, a mobile device, and more.

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