Welcome to our Zoo of Digital Dissidents

We like to do things differently. With custom solutions to each and every problem. And we’ll always strive to create the long-term relationship with our customers.

the zoo work illustration

Like animals, it's time to adapt to survive

Digital isn't a dirty word. And transformation is only natural.
But it's best to do both with an expert by your side. Whatever your business is, or whoever your team is, we'll make your goals our own.
And we'll reach them in ways that'll make you say "Aaaaah!" So step into your office. And step into the wild side of everything that digital has to offer.

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*We think 1 email a week is already pretty often.

*We think 1 email a week is already pretty often.

The Zoo's "Will they? Won't they?"

the zoo idea
Innovate to solve
the zoo teamwork
Believe in
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Help our customers
from start to finish
the zoo dessert
Eat ALL the cake
and cookies
the zoo illustration
Innovate for innovation's
sake or "because it's cool"
the zoo cool
great ideas
the zoo idea
Lose faith in our
customers or our team
the zoo team
Stop trying to
achieve success
the zoo top